Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What do you say?

Do you say "Hi!" or do you say "Hello!"?

I say "hi" to my friends and family.
I say "hello" to someone I'm meeting for the 1st time.
I say "hi" to my family and close friends over the phone.
I say "hello" to business associates.
I say "hi" when the friendly cashier at the groceries store says hi to me.
I say "hello" to higher authorities.
I say "hi" when anybody says "hi" to me as well, regardless of their position, rank, celebrity.

Bottom line: Keep "hi!" for more casual interactions, and "hello!" for more formal interactions!

Do you say "I'm sorry!" or do you say "I apologize!"?

I say "I'm sorry" when I am empathizing with someone's pain or worry.
I say "I apologize" when I arrive late for whatever reason it may be.
I say "I'm sorry" when I can't help but laugh at a tragic-funny situation.
I say "I apologize" if I accidentally knock over someone's water glass at the table.
I say "I'm sorry" when I find it difficult to express any words of comfort.
I say "I apologize" when I made a true mistake.
I say "I'm sorry" when I have to deliver news that may not be very good ones.

Bottom line: Take into consideration that to give an apology is an action, while to be or feel sorry is a state of mind.

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