Friday, July 30, 2010

34 and...change!

A year and a half later, after having written 34 posts on Etiquette, Communication, Networking and Personal Branding, and after taking a necessary break due to personal and business reasons, INTERNATIONAL ETIQUETTE SOLUTIONS, INC. (aka IES) is officially starting a new chapter! Thus, the E if for Etiquette Blog is also affected.

How so?

IES is filling a need.

The Service Industry has called asking for Help! Customer Service Agents, Retail Clerks, Restaurant Staff, Airline Personnel and many other Hospitality and Tourism Agents want to benefit from the training IES can offer them.

The philosophy is simple.

IES leaves the technicalities of the job to the company. Molding around the company's culture, strongly respecting and preserving its internal marketing efforts, IES creates a short training program that tackles the SOFT SKILLS.

Soft Skills?

  • It's not what you say, but HOW you say it.
  • It's not just because you talk with your hands, but HOW you use your hands to talk.
  • It's not how you feel inside, but how to EXPRESS your empathy through words and gestures.
  • It's not a matter of you listening better, but of you listening with your eyes.
  • It's not about meeting a customer's or guest's needs, rather, it's about exceeding them.
  • It's not just about making a 1st good impression, but about creating amazing, everlasting memories.

IES has started dedicating itself to the Service Industry entirely.

Expected benefits of IES' Training?

Better communication skills, resulting in
Higher motivational levels at the job, resulting in
Increased levels of job satisfaction, resulting in
Stronger appreciation for the employer, resulting in
Enhanced commitment to one's job, resulting in
Decreased turnover and absenteism, resulting in
More loyalty towards fellow colleagues, superiors and company, resulting in
Easier problem elimination, resulting in
Heightened customer and guest satisfaction, resulting in
Continuous desire to exceed customers' and guests' needs, resulting in
Overall better bottom line results