Sunday, March 22, 2009

Manage your Magazines!

I love magazines. I truly believe magazine subscriptions are great, because, knowing I will buy them anyway, I actually save money when subscribing! This thought pattern has led me to create a magazine "library" at home, where you can find some great publications, such as Fortune, Conde Nast Portfolio, Business Week, Working Mother, InStyle, Money, Parenting, Golf, American Baby, Tea Time, Southern Lady, Health, BEe and my beloved Pink.

You are probably wondering how in the world I would have time to read all of these magazines. I understand what you mean, as I often wonder about the same thing.

I decided to create a "scan and file" process, where I tear out my favorite articles and file them in a folder. The folder has different tabs and organizes my articles into different categories.
I use the articles in the folders as references, as a past-time, I give it to friends and family, sharing as much as I can.

Now, I have 4 heavy piles of magazines already scanned and filed, waiting to be placed into the recylcing box. I would probably need 4 boxes, at least.

I enjoy reading quality magazines so much because of different reasons:
  • They relax me (easy reading)
  • I can carry them around with me
  • Many times, they add value to my life
  • Many times, they inspire my work
  • I truly enjoy reading about successful people and companies

...and accompanied by a cup of coffee, even better! Talking about coffee, have you read the post below on Dunkin' & Starbucks?

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